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Tam Marti quàm Mercurio.

¶ In this division are conteyned:

The Comedie called Supposes.
Folio. I.
The Tragedie called Jocasta. Fol. 73
The fruite of Reconciliation. 129
The force of true Frendship. 131
The force of Love in Strangers. 132
The praise of browne beautie. 134
The Partrich and the Merlyn. 135
The vertue of Ver. 136
The complainte of a Dame in absence. 138
The praise of a Countesse. 139
The affection of a lover. 140
The complainte of a Dame suspected. 141
A Riddle. 143
The shield of Love. 144
The gloze upon Dominus iis opus habet. 145 (see Flowers p.70)
Gascoignes counsel to Dive. Fol. 148
Gascoignes counsel to Wythipole. 151
Gascoygnes woodmanship. Fol. 156
Gascoigns gardenings. 160
Gascoigns journey into Hollande. 163