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Tam Marti quàm Mercurio.

In this division are conteyned:

The Anotamie of a Lover. i.
The areignemente of a Lover. Fol. ii.
The passions of a Lover. iii.
The divorce of a Lover. vii.
The Lullabie of a lover. viii.
The lamentation of a Lover. x.
The lookes of a Lover enamored. xi.
The lookes of a Lover forsaken. xvii.
The recantation of a lover. xvii.
Praise of Lady Sands. xviii.
Praise of the Lady Grey. xx.
Praise of the Authors mistresse. xx.
Gascoigns good morow. xxi.
Gascoigns good night. xxiiii.
Gascoigns De profundis. xxvi.
Gascoig. memories. xxxiii.
An Epitaph upon Captaine Bourcher. xli.
A devise of a Maske. xliii.
The refusall of a Lover. lv.
Pryde in Court. lvi.
Despised things mai live. 58
In trust is treason. lix.
The constancie of a Lover.Fol. lx.
The frute of Foes. lxi
A Lover once warned and twice taken. lxi.
A Lover encoraged by former examples. lxiii.
The Historie of Dan Bartholmewe of Bathe. lxv.
The frutes of Warre. cxiii.


Faultes escaped in the Weedes:

Fol. Line. Faultes. Correction.
204 13 allgiance allegeaunce
211 17 like I hope I like hope
214 24 contation contentation
216 28 merrye married
Ibid. 31 flattring flitting
218 4 had shewed had to plainely shewed
Ibid. 7 called calling
Ibid. 30 disdaned distayned
220 14 had and
222 30 in of
223 7 And So
224 7 cape cappe
Ibid. 8 Crowe Crowne
229 16 still foyle
232 34 braunce braunche
235 19 possessed professed
238 11 that other
240 5 Elaminia Flaminia
242 11 and an
Ibid. 30 zoreactes Zoroastes
Ibid. 20 doe did
249 13 builded blinded
Ibid. 16 pricke pricke such
258 5 gentelman gentlewoman
[2]61 6 quibbes quippes
271 31 la mano las manos
275 2 swell aswell
276 4 Fraunces china Frauncischina
Ibid. 8 occurments occurrentes
278 6 that I I that
284 8 But that
285 14 this those